Batavia Real Estate Website Revamp

Hello and welcome to the new format for my Batavia Real Estate Website This exciting revamp touches on all aspects of my website right down to the basic programming. The biggest change was a transition from hand-coded HTML over to PHP under the hood. I built my original HTML template from the ground up and am proud to say that it served me well over the past few years. But now, it’s time to transition to something more advanced. I am using a WordPress platform to design this website. It offers just too much ease in customizability and extendability that I couldn’t get with HTML. I also badly needed a content management system that allows me to add pages to my site without re-doing the basic programming every time. I think I’ve found something I really like and have spent the past 2 weeks customizing the template then porting over my initial site.

I hope you like this new version – it should be far more streamlined and allow buyers and sellers looking for Batavia real estate information to find it quicker. I also have a couple exciting ideas that I’ll be implementing in the near future that should continue to make this site a prime Batavia real estate resource. Thank you for visiting and please subscribe to this blog to get future updates.

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